Come experience Music and Culture at American Graffiti RV Park!

American Graffiti RV Park, Starring Mel's Diner, and The Golden Microphone Opry House, we are so very  pleased to welcome visitors to our beautiful site at Eagle Mountain Lake near Fort Worth, Texas, where we have eight rv sites for you to reserve 24/7, Let us be your partner when discovering music and our culture firsthand, one thing of interest is we have a Mel's Diner, so you can find good eats while you are here, and another thing of interest is  The Golden Microphone Opry House, for your entertainment enjoyment, also watch our show when you are here and away on the internet,  The Golden Microphone Opry House Show,  of Fort Worth. Our format will be in the style and substance of that old classic show, The Ed Sullivan Show, also something of interest is we have a huge projection screen, 14' x 18' on site as well where you can sit back in your lawn chair like you're at a drive in movie theater like the good old days, each site has retro drive in speakers as well. Come have some fun at the American Graffiti RV Park, we really do have a lot to offer, and you'll have fun here!

6117 Big Wood Ct. Fort Worth, TX 76135

At American Graffiti RV Park Starring Mel's Diner and The Golden Microphone Opry House, it is cozy and welcoming, providing visitors with the perfect atmosphere to stroll through and enjoy the atomosphere of fine foods and drinks. We believe individuals should have access to fine foods and the music/entertainment culture, in their daily lives, when we do our once a month last Saturday of the month concert/talent show. It's our goal to provide a platform and location, for the artistic and talented, and enthusiasts who enjoy them here and on the web. 

How to Find Us

American Graffiti RV Park
 6117 Big Wood Ct.
 Fort Worth, Texas 76135
Phone: +1 817-332-4442
Fax: 817-496-4636

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am till 10:00pm 7 days a week

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